Since LOMA SYSTEMS was founded in 1969, the company has worked closely with both food manufacturers, pharmaceuticals and retailers to provide advances and improvements in technology. As a result, LOMA has acquired professional qualifications and experience in effective metal detection in the food and pharmaceutical industry production lines.

Our latest introduction to IQ4 metal detectors is the result of the combined experience of LOMA, LOCK Inspection, CINTEX and BRAPENTA, and nearly 50 years of innovation from the combination of customer feedback. LOMA engineering teams have adopted our “Design to Survival” philosophy to provide excellent metal detection sensitivity in an easy-to-install package; Easy to use; Easy to clean and maintain; can withstand harsh food production environments; and finally bring an optimal cost to ownership.

Reliable detection performance

Optimizing detection mechanics, custom frequency-changing technology, electronic processing and automation – Autolearn is better and faster to deliver significant performance compared to previous generation probes. Even in challenging applications, such as high-strength, high-sensitivity metal-coated products, it can be set with Auto Learn and tested without further optimization.

Sustainable “Designed for Survival” structure

Improved screen system, new sealing arrangement, extremely tough mechanics are proven and far beyond the IP69K rating makes metal probes easy to clean; easy to clean; and ruggedized can work in harsh food production environments, whether they’re hot, cold, dry, dusty or wet, or a combination of them all!

Modern and intuitive

The new 7-inch color touch screen is standard on all models, with a clear and fresh interface and advanced functionality to provide a much improved user experience, reducing user errors and getting things done. Check gently.